Ichika, “The creative mind”

Hey there!

I’m Ichika, an artist from Tokyo.

My story

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine renovated, and moved into,  an abandoned kominka in a remote fishermen’s village. She and her husband opened a Bed and Breakfast, then started a biodynamic farm, selling vegetables online. The future is here, I thought. But we can’t all become organic farmers, can we? At the RV, it’s not really necessary. In 2020, my husband and I finally left metropolitan life behind. Thanks to the Village business centre, he was able to continue his work remotely. And since we are no longer renting an apartment in central Tokyo, we gained the financial flexibility I needed to finally start my independent artist career. Coming from a hyper-dense urban environment, Ryou and I were attracted by the possibility of living a minimalist lifestyle in the country. At the RV, we don’t need to own a car, a big kitchen, or a plethora of gardening tools. By opting into the shared facilities, we keep life light. This way, we can always move back to the city, if we ever wanted to.

At the RV, I enjoy

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