project: enclosure

assignment: working in groups, design and make an enclosure for the human. consider this device as a kind of prosthesis, an extension of the human that makes a statement about who the human is in this new anthropocentric age.


project: drawdel

assignment: research and analyze a building through its section, selecting from a list of sacred spaces. create a hybrid drawing-model, or “drawdel,” that illustrates and interprets the sectional properties of your building’s spaces.


project: panorama

assignment: create a panorama that constructs a visual narrative about the transformation of an environment or urban condition by human habitation or activity. it should present an immersive and continuous environment as an object on itself.


project: globe

assignment: make a globe that examines how the world is constructed, either conceptually or physically. the globe is a synthesis between a map and a model. it is also an enclosure that encapsulates larger ideals and ambitions of world making.


project: precedent study

assignment: design and build a scaled version of a building or a section of a building that inspires you.